I’m a member of The Hospital Club!!! Okay, so what’s The Hospital Club? Well, it’s a really cool members club in Covent Garden and a lot of the members are from the creative industries. 

The Hospital run a scheme every year called the Creatives In Residence. I got shortlisted to represent film and won! I’m joined by 7 others that represent different creative outlets like fashion and music. They’re really cool so I’m having a great time. The first time we all met I laughed a lot and ended up getting drunk. That’s always a good sign.

On the night of the launch I got called up to the stage when my name was announced as the film representative. When I got up there a camera flash went off and startled me. All I could see were all these faces staring at me. I freaked out and stumbled on my speech. It was rubbish! I got given a cocktail with a strawberry on top afterwards however so it weren’t all bad.

The scheme includes me getting hooked up with a mentor and a life coach. I’ve never had my life coached before so should be interesting … 

They’re also gonna show Tight Jeans for two weeks before each of their film members screenings! They’re gonna do the same with The Park the following two weeks which is amazing. If you’re a member, be sure to check them out!

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