Tamana Bleasdale – Producer

n601356709_1825225_2496Tamana has for the last eleven years worked as an Assistant Director in the British Film and Television Industry. Throughout this time she has gained vast experience working on No/Low Budget to multi million pound television dramas and feature films.

As soon as Tamana read Tight Jeans she loved the script. She feels that Destiny has an incredible talent for capturing the true dialogue spoken by young people today. Tamana also loved the fact that they would be making a film about three young black men in South East London and that there was no mention of a gun. a knife or of drugs.

Last summer Tamana formed a production company POLLIBEE PICTURES LTD with fellow Assistant Director Samar Pollitt and Production Co-ordinator Lita Blechman.

Tamana explains that Pollibee Pictures was set up because they wanted to have a creative outlet. As an Assistant Director or a Production Co-ordinator you mainly deal with the logistics of the film set and rarely about the creative aspects of the film. As a Producer you deal with both.

Pollibee Pictures in their first 6 months have been awarded funding for two short films. TIGHT JEANS written and directed by Destiny Ekaragha and CLOSE written by Rachel Kidd and directed by Laura Windebank. Pollibee Pictures have also produced the short film CURIOSITY written and directed by Toby Spanton.

Pollibee Pictures are currently developing further projects with Destiny Ekaragha, Laura Windebank and Toby Spanton as well as looking at working with other talented writers and directors.