Last month I was invited to the Athens International Film Festival. I met some really cool people, the programmers were especially wonderful and I was very well looked after. Athens is really loud which I loved because I’m city through and through. It’s warm but not stifling and everybody’s cute! I visited Acropolis which was beautiful. I found it strange to be walking on and touching something that was 500 years older than Christ. It was really high up and I’m afraid of heights. It’s not the smartest idea that I’ve ever had but I had to experience it. It was well worth the vertigo, just stunning.

A filmmaker dinner was held and  Jorgen Leth was there! He’s not just a film legend but also a really nice guy. I was just thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing here?’

I was in Athens because Tight Jeans was being screened. As the film is quite controversial, I wasn’t sure if the audience was gonna get the jokes so I was very nervous. The film was subtitled, however there was like a 2 second delay.So I’m sitting there, shitting bricks wondering if the film is gonna go down well. When the first punch line is said, the whole audience is quiet, I swear I felt the tumbleweed brush against my feet. As I prepare to sink into my chair a loud ruckus erupts all around me. I look around and it’s laughter, the whole audience is laughing. I quickly realize that they’re reading the joke 2 seconds after I’m hearing it. 

Relief? Happiness? I’m not sure what the feeling in my stomach was but it felt good all the same. 

I loved Athens, I only hope that my next film gets in!

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