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Ok, so, my name is Destiny Ekaragha ( yes, Destiny is my real name. Honest) and I’m an independent filmmaker or more specifically a writer/director. I know, I know, it sounds fancy right? When I say this to most people, they automatically think that I have money. Needless to say, these people do not work in the film industry other wise they’d know that most of us are broke.

Marli Harwood Music Video


Marli Harwood & royalsCheck out the new music video for Marli Harwood that I directed. The concept was thought up by Olivier Award Winning playwright Bola Agbaje. Basically, imagine if Prince William & Kate Middleton lived on a council estate. Click here to watch.

Tight Jeans – Short Film

I grew up watching films. I was literally raised by it but it was only at the age of 22 that I realised that I wanted to make myhome_page own.  After teaming up with producer (and friend) Tamana Bleasdale this idea of making films came into fruition. We made my first short film ‘Tight Jeans’, (funded by Southern Exposure ) which, ended up being officially selected by The Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival (my days, thats a long title). This lead to my being featured on BBC News and CNN. Crazy innit? Since then it has got into the 2009 Pan African Film Festival and we’re waiting on others. Needless to say, I’m on cloud 9. I just wish that ‘9′ meant money. Credit crunch anyone? See trailer. WATCH TIGHT JEANS HERE

The Park – Short Film

THE PARK pictureThe Park is the second short film that I put out. It was funded by Film London as part of their Pulse scheme. It premiered at the 2009 Times BFI London Film Festival and has since screened at the Birds Eye View Film Festival, Kino Film Festival, Africa In The Picture Film Festival in Amsterdam, the London Short Film Festival and is soon to screen at the Pan African Film Festival in LA. WATCH HERE .

The Future WAGS Of

Great Britain- Short Film

So I directed a Coming Up short film with Channel 4 last year written by the wonderful Abby Ajayi. The film is a comedy called The Future WAGS of Great Britain starring The Evening Standards Outstanding Newcomer Nominee Naana Agyei-Ampadu and Bunmi Mojekwu who is currently starring as Mercy in Eastenders. Check it out on youtube HEREFuture Wags