Sep 28 2009


So I missed my flight to Amsterdam, had to wait 4 hrs for the next one. Because  of this, I miss the screening for my own film. When about to board the plane my laptop gets tangled around my hand luggage so I end up holding the passengers up. I make  it to Amsterdam for the Africa In The Picture film fest. I meet some great people and decide to go check out the night life with my new friend  (She’s a filmmaker too). We go to a cafe and try the local delicacy ; ). I almost cough up my left lung. Evidently to all, I’m not as cool as I thought I was. Deciding that that wasn’t  for me, we continue on to the after party. On the way there I look up into the night sky. There, standing on a balcony is a man so beautiful that he could rival Orlando Bloom, Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal … I start to feel light. Slightly dizzy, I lift up my hand and wave. He smiles at me and waves back. This tiny gesture makes my year. My friend and I make the party and have a few beers. Being the light weight that I am, I get drunk after one. I pass out at my friend’s hotel. I say pass out, I literally lost time. What was in that stuff? When I wake up I get a taxi home only for it to drop me at the wrong house. I have to get another one all in all costing me 15 euros. The next few days are filled with parties, food and films. I walk across canals, I check out the red light district, I even take a boat ride. On the way home I can’t help but feel a slight twinge in my stomach. I realize that I’m gonna miss this place, I realize that I could live in this place. I realize that

I. Love. Amsterdam

Aug 7 2009


Ok, so I’ve had a great couple of months. At the end of June I was featured in Screen Internationals UK Star of Tomorrow segment. I’ve always wanted to be featured in the said magazine so that’s one dream that’s come true. Also, I won an award last week!!.

My short film TIGHT JEANS was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Soho Rushes Film Festival in London and I won it. I was shitting bricks! I seriously didn’t think that we were gonna get it. I can’t quite remember my speech. It’s still a bit of a blur cos I was so nervous. I do remember thanking God and my mum for catering for the set though.

I drank a shit load at the after party and had the worst hangover ever but it was worth it. (The cocktails were really nice)

I’ve got two more short films coming up so watch this space. 

Watch this too, it’s the link to the Screen International piece

Jun 15 2009


So I’m at at a photo shoot for filmmakers and actors. I start talking to this guy who is a writer. I ask him “Are there any other directors here?”. He starts pointing them out. I’m like “How can you tell?” He’s like  ”Because they’re not good looking.” I say, “So what, I’m ugly?” He says “No, we’re just not overtly beautiful. We’re the back crew.” I think “Nice.”

Mar 17 2009


So, it’s actually happened. I am officially a grown up. Today I turned 27. Yes, that’s right, 27. I am now in my LATE 20’s.  No longer can I parade around with the angry youth mobs or use adolescent hormones as an excuse for my mood swings (although I can still use my period for that one.)

So what am I supposed to do now? I’m still pretty much the same person as I was when I was 18; slightly immature (I still watch cartoons), brazen (I had a job interview and opened with “Yes I have big tits. Now that that’s over with, let’s move on”), and very loud (at school my friends thought I was deaf due to the sheer volume of my voice. I’m one of 6 kids, if you didn’t shout you wasn’t heard.)

Am I supposed to act differenly now? Does being a grown up = being someone that you’re not?  My opinion is this, I think being a grown up consists of knowing who you are and loving the person that you’ve become. I think I’m pretty much there, so fuck it, I’m a grown up. I’m a grown up and I’m ready for whatever that brings. However, the grown up world can fuck off if it thinks I’m gonna stop watching cartoons!

Mar 12 2009


Ok, so I sent a txt msg to a guy suggesting that he take me out for a drink. I thought I’d bite the bullet, I didn’t think I’d break my teeth. The guy doesn’t txt me back. EVER.

What the fuck! I know I don’t look like Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell but I don’t look like the Elephant Man. Or do I look like the Elephant Man? Do I look like the Elephant Man????

My friend says that when we go out, sometimes I seem unapproachable and that some guys are intimidated by me. What’s there to be intimidated by? Sure I wear a shirt and tie and I never wear shoes just trainers and I have short hair and I’m very focused but men shouldn’t be intimidated by that, should they?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘You’re not gonna get a man by dressing like a lesbian’ but I shouldn’t have to dress like a slut just to get a man’s attention. Besides, I’m comfortable this way. I shouldn’t have to change.

Fuck, I don’t know any more. Shit! Shouldn’t I be writing?

Mar 6 2009



I’m writing a feature at the moment and truth be told, it’s kicking my arse! I come up with an idea and it’s either been done before or the idea is just plain shite! For some stupid reason I thought this shit would be easy, after all I knock out short films in under an hour. Really and truly, this should enable me the skills to knock out a feature in a week, a month tops right? WRONG!!!

This mutha fuckah doesn’t want to leave me alone. I can’t think straight because all the fuckin’ scenes are swimming around in my head. Constantly. The worst thing is hearing about those wankerfied arse holes that say things like “I wake up in the morning and the words just flow out of me. It’s just a natural phenomenon.” Bollocks!!!

They struggle like the rest of us. Writing is a gift and a curse. Sure, they’re some things that I love about it, like coming up with snappy dialogue but the rest is just long! I don’t write because I want to, I write because I have to. I have no choice in the matter. If I didn’t get all this crazy stuff out of my head I’d go mad.

Bottom line, writing is a laborious task and isn’t much fun. I guess you just have to get on with it.


Mar 6 2009


Hey peeps!

My name is in print! The first one is for a magazine called Gravity, I’m on page 12-13. It’s a nice little article. The other one is for a newspaper in LA called LA Wave. Ok, ok, so this one is just a couple of line’s right at the bottom but they still say nice things. Check the links below.

Gravity Magazine Article

LA Wave Article

Peace x